Our History

A Kossuth Iskola épületeOur school is a reputable institution with an impressive history. Class instruction began in 1904 as a higher elementary school for girls and boys. It was very popular in Budafok as well as the surrounding area.

During the Second World War classes were interrupted for several months. When classes resumed in 1945 it became an 8 grade primary school.

The school has taken advantages of the advancements in public education becoming an English Section Primary School in 1978. The curriculum was further expanded with the advanced level teaching of Computer Studies in the 1998/1999 school year. On the 90th anniversary of its founding the school’s name changed to Kossuth Lajos Primary School.

During its 100 years of operation the school has continued to develop in meeting the needs of its students and the community.

Though our school is over 100 years old it has continued to grow and change while staying true to its purpose of educating and preparing students for life. One of the results of this continuous improvement in education was the introduction of Hungarian–English bilingual teaching in the 2004/2005 school year.

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Major milestones in more than 100 years:

September 12, 1904 Teaching begins in the Hungarian Royal State School For Boys and Girls
November 8 Official Opening Ceremonies of the school

1907-1908 The main part of the building/school is constructed

June 15, 1905 Exams for only the boys begin at the end of this school year
June 16 Exams for only the girls begin at the end of this school year
June 18 The First Speech Day

1908-1909 Courses are offered for boys and girls separately

1913 Music courses are offered

September, 1944 School is closed due to WWII

April 3, 1945 Classes resume

1944-45 Russian language classes are introduced for boys (non-compulsory)

Public schools are being closed down gradually
Teaching begins in the 8 grade primary school in the 1st and 5th classes, students are still put in groups according to gender: girls study in Budafok Square Primary School, boys study in Kossuth Lajos Primary School

1947 Pioneer organization launched

1950’s  The renovation of the original building; parquet flooring replaces the original

1956-1959 Starting of mixed gender classes

1976-77 Starting of small-numbered special needs classes

Beginning of the ubject-oriented classroom system
A regional audio-visual centre opens
The school library wins the ‘The Best Library’ award

English language is first offered as a second foreign language
Construction on a new building is started and renovation begins on the main building; replaced teaching in Budafok Primary School, Tompa Street Primary School and in Budai Nagy Antal High School

1980’s The starting of afternoon teaching in the 1st and the 2nd grades, subject-grouped teaching in the 3rd and the 4th grades

The renovated main building is opened for classes
Afternoon teaching classes are ceased

1984 The new building is opened for classes

1985-1986 The school takes the name Kossuth Lajos English Section Primary School

Adult education is ended
The last initiation into the Junior Drummer Pioneers and Senior Pioneers takes place
József Geiszler, a parent, establishes the Geiszler School Fund

Spanish, Latin and German are taught as a second foreign language instead of Russian
The first School Fund Gala is organised with performances by students

The school takes Lajos Kossuth’s name
A bronze relief on the facade facing Kossuth Street is unveiled
The first Kossuth Day events are organized

Teaching English begins for the first grade
We join the diagnostic exam system of József Attila Science University
The first native English teacher is employed

The last class to have studied Russian leaves the school
A Halloween party is organized
We launch competitions for the schools of our district: Environmental Protection and English Pronunciation Contests

Spanish teaching comes to an end
Teaching the use of the abacus is incorporated into the local curriculum

Beginning with the first grade, computer skills education is introduced. A special classroom for Computer Science is installed in the loft
A Computer Science Competition is started for the schools of the district
Local History Studies courses are initiated

The National Core Curriculum for Education is being introduced gradually
School selection programmes are organised for future first graders

The school joins the quality-control system. A Pedagogical Programme is created and introduced
A Swedish-English-Hungarian partnership is established by means of a tender
A partnership with the Mesztegnyő Primary School is formed

German teaching is ended
Level group-based education is introduced in grades 7 and 8
A Language Lab is installed

A fully equipped Computer Science Lab is opened
High-speed Internet access is provided
The first study tour to England is organised for students

The Hungarian-English bilingual programme is launched
The 100th anniversary of the school is celebrated by the unveiling of a memorial plaque, a gala festival, organising meetings and competitions, publishing a memorial book

2005 The name of the school is changed to Kossuth Lajos Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary School

Our Directors

Civic school:
Donszky Lukács 1904-1907
Mihalik Sándor 1907-1919
School for girls:
Mihalik Sándor 1919-1932
Palugyai Margit 1932-1938
Vértessy Sándorné 1938-1948
School for boys:
Mezey Lajos 1919-1926
Völgyi László 1926-1932
Soós Aladár 1932-1946
Bölöni Béni 1946-1950
Bodnár Gábor 1950-1954
Gáldonyi Béla 1954-1959
Primary school:
Szabó József 1959-1960
Raits Annamária 1960-1961
Nagy Lajos 1961-1966
Szőke Sára 1966-1972
Balás Ottóné 1972-1976
Jenei Károlyné dr. 1976-1992
Závodi Gyuláné 1992-2012
Turgyánné Ignácz Ágnes 2012-